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I'm in the train of life where feel and thrill is all in rife.

Travelling from the high Cliff from silent seashore and from the dense leaf.

someone was driving the train very safely very plain and surely he was not the man.

sometimes it passed through the dark tunnels but not to worry a lot because passengers with me were so luminous.


Rajat Sonar on Sep 11

🤘 While observing life


History Of Train

Today we will learn about trains. In this we will learn about the history of the train and the history of the railway in India. We will get the most important information about the train.


When we talk about a train, then a train is a way to get from one place to another. Every day there have been many changes in the train. But the change has made the train more modern. The world's first train departed on September 27, 1825. The train was built by George Stephenson.

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