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Using 5 Whys Problem Solving To Save The Washington Monument

The state of Washington approached NASA to ask them to build a protective clear structure around their beloved monument and save it from corroding. By using the five whys problem solving method they saved the state money by recommending they didn't need any structure they just needed to turn the lights off earlier...


How To Write A Jobs To Be Done Statement

"Help me brush my teeth in the morning” is not a great example of a Job to Be Done statement.

It infers an existing solution (a toothbrush) and there’s only so far you’ll be able to expand your thinking within that bubble.

It's a valid approach to designing innovations that impact customer satisfaction in the near-term. But it will not lead to disruptive new products and services.

For more innovative product design and more 'aha' moments we could use:

“Keep my teeth healthy.”

This is people focused - the same problem people faced hundreds of years ago, face today, and hundreds of years from now.