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Rethink the mysterious artefacts

enigmatic artifacts from the Viking ‘amulet factory’ found in Denmark, England and Russia. They date back 1000+ years, to the height of the Viking Age.

“The images had always been understood in terms of what we know of Norse mythology,” says Deckers, an archaeologist at the Free University of Brussels.

Deckers argues that the “Valkyriependants represent actual women who played a central role in Viking festivals or ceremonies. Furthermore, they propose 'armed female figurines are part of a larger set of ritual objects that suggest gender roles in Viking-era Europe may have been complex'.



Wonder Woman may have roots in Ancient Persia
  • The movie Wonder Woman (2017) is set in Europe during World War One. Its successor is situated in Washington DC, 70 years later. Both films are told in flashback, where we see glimpses of young Diana Prince on her birth island of Themyscira.
  • The Amazons of Greek mythology and the real-life worrier women that let to Wonder Woman might have root in ancient Persia - modern-day Iran.