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Technology For Airline Baggage

Airlines often have problems like passenger baggage being lost, or flights getting delayed. They are betting on technology to help their customers as well as their employees.

Real-time customer data and new analytical tools using powerful computers are now being used to track baggage handling, predictive maintenance, inventory and cargo.


What will people actually be able to see and experience on a space trip?

The biggest perk of traveling to space is the view. Just past the boundary between space and Earth, passengers can catch a stunning glimpse of our planet juxtaposed against the wide unknown of space. The view is meant to be awe-inducing, and the experience even has its own name: the Overview Effect. 

Another perk of these trips is that space tourists will feel a few minutes of microgravity, which is when gravity feels extremely weak. That will give them the chance to bounce around a spacecraft weightlessly before heading back to Earth.