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If you feel your skin is too itchy, easily reactive, can’t tolerate harsh products, or have breakouts, you know you need anti-inflammatory skincare ingredients. Anti-inflammatory ingredients have always had a crucial role in skincare, without which acne, redness, and rosacea couldn’t have ever been soothed. They are great to help calm irritations and comfort the skin, whether it’s about dealing with inflammatory skin conditions or a simple sensitivity to a chemical compound. Which, by the way, happens quite often. 



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I’ve said it here that I’ve built my skincare routine around The Ordinary brand in my struggle with breakouts and scars. One of the products was their peeling solution, the one with the fun red color that’s serious though in exfoliating the skin. Also, since it has a pocket-friendly price — it costs less than a coffee at Starbucks — it got my attention in a sec. Anyway, chances are, you’ve probably seen this bloodred solution on your Instagram feed or a friend’s bathroom cabinet. Because literally, The Ordinary’s Peeling Solution went absolutely viral, and trust me, it worths all the fuzz!