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Functional Imagery Training

Functional Imagery Training (FIT) affects our behavior through the use of personalized, affective, and goal-directed mental imagery. It helps us anticipate obstacles and aids us by mentally trying out solutions from previous successes.

When we use FIT, it increases our Motivational Thought Frequency (MTF) which helps individuals achieve their goal not because they "want to" but because they "ought to."

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Resonating With The People

Crocs is a brand that many people used to hate and now, since becoming mainstream, gained popularity all over again with their iconic silhouette and high-profile fans.

The company knew that there was no point in trying to win over their haters and instead they focused on the uniqueness and bold appeal.

At the heart of their success, they have always been aware of the polarizing effect their shoes have. They've learned to harness others' hatred towards it into a radically inclusive brand that is particularly important among young people.

Different Types of Gossip

There are different types of gossip. There are gossip that are catty and petty where it would talk about somebody's appearance behind their backs, but there are also gossip that can affect us positively and help validate our emotions in order to figure out where other people stand on things. 

Researchers have found that people gossip an average of 52 minutes per day!

Gossip is mainly seen as something negative, but it's also been proven that not all gossip is salacious. It's all really about information gathering.

Don't Mess With The Ducks' Diet

Ducks and geese have a particular diet and they naturally flock to areas based on their needs. The Wildlife Center of Virginia states that wild ducks and geese's diet contains of grains, grasses, aquatic plants, and invertebrates - which are all found in the wild.

It isn't a bad thing to feed the ducks because sometimes it's just in our inherent nature to share food, but when everyone starts to feed the ducks, it becomes a substantial part of their diet and it could lead to malnutrition which could lead to metabolic bone disease.

Louvre, Paris

The Louvre is the world's largest museum and it houses one of the most impressive and magnificent art collections in history.

They didn't put up an actual virtual tour however almost all of their collection is posted on the platform Louvre Collections, and it's updated on a daily basis (more than 480,000 works of art).

Here you'll be able so discover some of the world's most precious paintings until the day we are able to travel to France and re-experience seeing these pieces in real life.

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