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How to Get a Good-Night Sleep

  • Have a regular bedtime.
  • Protect your sleep time by saying no to late-night commitments- especially if you know you have a big day following.
  • Invest in good sheets- you deserve them!
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool. 
  • Pamper yourself with an essential oil diffuser and soothing sleep music.
  • Try paid apps like Calm or Aura for sleep stories, meditations, and sound therapy.
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Motivation Matters ‍

Someone who’s passionate about learning languages or learns a language to gain a greater cultural understanding is far more likely to achieve their goals than someone who learns a language for the sake of it i.e. because it’s cool.

So, take note of your motivations, make sure they’re genuine, and when you feel like quitting, revisit them.

There are two types of time boxes: „hard time boxes“ and „soft time boxes“. The terms hard and soft refer to how you handle the end of a time box:

  • When a soft time box ends, you allow the current point in discussion or the current task at work to finish.
  • When a hard time box ends, you drop everything, stop doing what you do and take a break or move on to the next point on the agenda.

Both types are useful.

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