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From a stunning first sentence to a perfect string of dialogue, there are certain parts of books that feel particularly memorable. And whether they make us laugh, cry, or simply reflect, these quotable lines have a habit of sticking with us long after we turn the final page. Read on my favorite book quotes we won’t ever forget.

You would be able to notice a difference between an expert driver and a beginner. The differences are quite small but noticeable. Because of his experience, an expert driver treats and drives the car differently. Beginners might not understand the reasoning behind what the expert driver is doing at first but as they gain some experience in driving, they will be able to understand them. Here, are some driving habits that differentiate expert drivers from beginners.

If the idea of touching your toes feels impossible, you may be wondering how to improve your flexibility. Being flexible and having a good range of motion is important, yet an often overlooked element of fitness.




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