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Determine The Impact

Before doing anything about an issue it is important to evaluate the variables. Have you or the company done anything other than rational that people could perceive as wrong?

Businesses are faced with mob-like cancel culture that presents as legitimate threats whether they may be factual or otherwise. Social media demonstrates that anyone alike is more than willing to lie about your company.

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Problem Solving

Uncertainty: A Fact Of Life

Most of us live to minimize uncertainty, as it seems like a cause of a host of problems like anxiety, frustration, health issues, financial problems and relationship issues.

But uncertainty is not the terrible thing we make it to be, and it is possible to find joy and delight in the feeling of uncertainty.

Albert Einstein

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Common patterns to the problem of motivation

There are three common patterns to the problem of motivation:

  • Drive: You don't have a strong enough desire to learn.
  • Anxiety: You have a strong aversion to learning.
  • Distraction: You have something else that draws your attention.

The difficulties we have in learning are not just related to strategy. Sometimes you know what to do, but don't do it.

Lifelong learning as a necessity

A career used to look like this: study a skill at a specific institution, get a related job, and grow your knowledge at the same company over the course of your career. You may have switched to one or two other companies.

Today, it is different. The average job tenure has gone from ten years to less than three years. In many occupations, existing skills will become obsolete, making lifelong learning essential to adapt to the fast-paced environment.

Henry Ford

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” 

  • Try to establish new routines and master them so that you are not constantly using your working memory capacity for mundane tasks.
  • It's important to put effort into stress management, meaning eating well, exercising, establishing a bedtime routine, and finding relaxing activities.
  • Focus on organising your time for your tasks and try to be disciplined about distractions.

If you’re proactively trying to gain a new perspective, you might find thinking about an issue is helpful. If you’re repetitively thinking about how you wish things were different or imagining all the things that could go wrong, you’re overthinking.

  1. Is there a solution to this problem? Some problems can’t be solved.
  2. Am I focusing on the problem or searching for a solution?
  3. What am I accomplishing by thinking about this?
The Freedom of Choice

The freedom of choice is generally perceived to be good, but studies show that too much choice can be a hindrance and can impede the decision.

On the contrary, having fewer choices has shown to provide more satisfaction to the decision-maker.

Studies on suggest bilinguals and monolinguals

Some research found speaking more than one language can potentially improve your cognitive processes. But other studies found that bilinguals and monolinguals perform similarly.

Some studies suggest bilinguals and monolinguals use the brain differently to complete an executive function task, even if the performances are similar. Other studies found differences in brain structure, but how these differences manifest is inconsistent.


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