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The Mentor

Mentorship is about having challenging conversations that help increase our self-awareness and helps us grow both personally and professionally.

To find a mentor, pick someone you admire that is within reach and consider their willingness to form a professional relationship with you. Having a mentor will strongly build a strong personal brand by displaying your competence, experience, and positive attitude.

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Moving to a team-centered role

If you've moved from an individual role to a more team-centred position, working as part of a team may at first pose a challenge.

But, there are ways to overcome this problem and learn how to work together in a team.

Remote work increases screen time

Video chat apps and other technology connect us while we work remotely, but the extra time in front of the computer can cause eye strain, muscle fatigue, and mental and emotional fatigue.

There are ways we can proactively disconnect from the screen to help maintain and regain our energy.

  1. Set aside a quick morning check-in which is preferably audio-only to catch up with everyone.
  2. Ensure that the employees feel connected and at ease.
  3. Build a trust relationship with the remote workers so that they feel part of a team, and cared for.
Linus Pauling

“If you want to have good ideas, you must have many ideas.”

Understanding Your Work-Related Need
  • If you like the WFH experience and would like to continue it on a permanent basis, you may need to make a case to your employer.
  • Prior to that, you may want to reflect on your working needs and preferences, as the WFH model does mean that all your interactions with your bosses and colleagues would be virtual, and the workplace would then cease to be a source of social connections.
  • Keep in mind that the current global situation where almost everyone is working from home can also change in the future.

Success is sought after by most, while failure is looked down upon, even seen as something shameful.

More than success, it is our failures, errors and rejections that provide us with better learnings, and pathways towards eventual success, if we study them.

Structure For Success

Remote work days need to have a specific routine in place, which has structure, clarity and consistency.

Each team member needs to be provided with a daily block of time to be heard, maybe in a 15-minute morning team video check-in. This makes the team connected and accountable. Also, the team members should be encouraged to share concerns, challenges and successes.

It is a communication model used to improve understanding between individuals within a team or group setting.

There are two key ideas:

  • Individuals can build trust by disclosing information about themselves.
  • Individuals can learn about themselves and come to terms with personal issues with the help of feedback from others.

Before the Industrial revolution, everyone worked out of their home and sold their goods from there. With the Industrial Revolution came the need for automation and factories, and employees had to commute to a factory to complete their work.


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