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Working with people is hard enough, being a boos is not enough. Being a leader is what we should strive for.





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Navigating Life: The Need Of A Mentor

A good mentor is a blessing, as most of us need guidance and direction to navigate our lives. Finding a good mentor requires identifying, asking, nurturing and maintaining a relationship.

A good mentor, if we are lucky, can empower our career and provide us with untapped opportunities.

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Great Leadership

Great leaders inspire people to do better and develop their skills because leaders with a great leadership style can make anyone appear more competent than they actually are, and that builds confidence within the individual.

However, leaders who do have poor methods can drag down an individual with an exceptional skill set or even the whole team.

The 6 P’s of the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  1. Passion. Passion cannot survive without a path.
  2. Path. This is your plan for getting there, at the pace you set.
  3. Positivity. No success is possible without cultivating an optimistic perspective.
  4. People. Without the power of people around you to support you, mentor you, and otherwise love you, your passion will fall flat and your plan will never get done.
  5. Perseverance. None of these P’s will work if you don’t fuel them with perseverance and hard work.
  6. Productivity - how you use your time to make it count. Productivity pulls all of the other P’s together and enables you to love your life.
  • Prepare your questions based on the attributes of an ideal candidate,
  • Reduce stress level. Tell the candidates in advance the questions you plan to ask.
  • Involve enough people for multiple checks.
  • Assess potential. Look for signs of the candidate's curiosity, insight, engagement, and determination.
  • Ask behavioral and situational questions.
  • Consider "cultural fit", but don't obsess because people adapt.
  • Sell the role and the organization once you're sure in your candidate.
Where No Man Has Gone Before: Star Trek

In the late 80s, Patrick Stewart was the classy and dashing Captain Picard, the main character of the Star Trek series, which started in 1966, originally starring Captain Kirk (and Spock!). The idea of exploring strange new worlds in the galaxy, speeding at warp-speed in a beautiful ocean cruiser-like spaceship was too good to resist.

Captain Picard may be fictional, but he’s my mentor nonetheless. He was portrayed as having an introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging (INTJ) type personality and his analytical problem-solving skills provide leadership lessons to us even now.

Passion leads to motivation for learning

There are three qualities of people who have the kind of passion that is associated with performance improvement.

  • A long-term commitment to increasing your impact in a particular area, such as banking, medicine,
  • A desire to find new challenges and seeing them as exciting opportunities for growth.
  • A connecting disposition that actively seeks connections with others to help address these challenges.
Insights of Albert Einstein

Many insights of Albert Einstein are now part of popular imagination: black holes, time warps, and wormholes show up in movies and books.

Less famous, but probably the most revolutionary part of Einstein's phenomena, is a simple idea that shows how pieces fit together and illuminate the road ahead.


In her book, 'Superbetter', the author Jane McGonigal, teaches us all a valuable lesson on how to overcome obstacles while having a gamer's mindset, as she is herself a game designer.

In times of crisis, the leader's reaction determines the way things are going to end. 

Actions that vary from delegating responsibilities, in order to reach a better organization to responding in a timely way by guiding your people can turn out essential to your company's well-being.

Tesla’s innovation strategy

Tesla’s innovation strategy offers lasting lessons for any innovator, especially in terms of

  • how to win support for an idea and
  • how to bring new technologies to the market.

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