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The pursuit of perfectionism is not always a bad thing. Research has found that people who hold themselves to high standards are thorough and engaged with their work and are motivated to succeed. But there’s a tipping point when the rigid standards of perfectionism start to do more harm than good.

I relate a lot with this article as I am also not a fruitful user of regular meditation. The activities mentioned here, i follow quite a lot of them my favourites being thundercloud gazing, colouring and watching bob ross videos.

sometimes cartoons teach us valuable life lessons when most think its just a waste of time. as for me i cannot follow self help or motivational books much, for me animes with a strong sense of life has always helped me push forth through my life in my anxiety filled days. so please don't consider them a wastage instead if its possible, every person, of any age should watch Naruto at least once.

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anime is my source of motivation


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