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Stamina and strength both are important for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Good health is linked with the stamina. If you don’t have stamina, you became unable to sweating in the gym, running for hours during morning walk and other physical activities. But there is no need to panic. Here we will tell you every little things about what is stamina and 10 best foods to boost stamina, which can help you to stay refreshed and energetic.

What Is Stamina?

In simple terms, stamina means to continue any work by a person mentally or physically for a long time.

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How Does Insulin Work in Diabetes? It is important to know about the function of insulin in the body, as it is the most common problem nowadays. However, before discuss about the topic it is important to take some overview about diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition where there is an abnormally high level of sugar in the blood. The disease, and its symptoms, have been recognized for hundreds of years. Affected person pass abnormally large quantities of urine, as a result developing an abnormal thirst and losing a great deal of weight

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“Fitness a recurring word in almost every commercial” strangely it is also the most abused word, these days. The so-called perceptions have taken over its true meaning. The dangerous rapid growth of fitness fads have over-time blurred the real issue of health and the very purpose of fitness is dissipating slowly but definitely. No, “fitness mania is not madness mania” restricted to fashionistas, high profile celebrities whose exploits occupy most of the space in news papers and glossy magazines. The only difference being our lack of commitment of health.

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Nowadays, almost all the people living in the village and city are started to be conscious regarding their health. People are started to follow a balanced diet to stay in health and fit. If you also maintain a balanced diet, you will know how important it is to have nutrients in the diet. So, these nutritional foods are called superfoods, which provide fitness with nutrition. The superfood contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so they are called superfoods. If you include them in your diet, these superfoods can make you healthy. 

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Back problems are a very common source of pain and disability, and the terms Ankylosing Spondylitis and spondylosis are often used when talking about them. These conditions are easily confused, but are  quite distinct.

Ankylosing spondylitis denotes any disease which gives rise to inflammation of the joints between vertebrae as well as the sacroiliac ligaments. The joints usually involved are those at the bottom of the spine, between the sacral vertebrae the pelvic bones.

Spondylosis is a completely different disorder of the spine, resulting from degenerative rather than inflammatory.

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The name of this coffee sounds strange but it tastes quite fun. The important thing is that sugar is not added to it. Bulletproof coffee is consumed by keto diet followers which does not even lead to weight gain. It is life saver for people who want to start with a passion of their day! It is like a strong shock of energy that keeps your body energetic for the first hour of the day or for the whole day. Thereby, today in this article we will tell you about the pros and cons of bulletproof coffee.

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Pakhala is a unique and traditional food of Odisha. The rice at night is placed in the clay pot and dipped with water. The next day, when this stale rice is lightly fermented, it becomes Odisha’s special dish ‘Pakhala’. Pakhala is considered digestible and nutritious in the summer, humid season and have been found to boost immunity power.

Why Pakhala?

In recent times, the West has begun to accept and even search for various health benefits of various foods and spices in the Indian subcontinent.

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Integument being the external covering of the human body, it is put to great stress and strain by external environments like climatic changes, dust, irritants, non-pathogenic and pathogenic micro-organisms etc. Hair grows constantly. Grease (Sebum) of the skin is daily washed off and dust settles down on the skin. These have to be controlled for proper living and also the skin protected from climatic extremes by proper clothing. To take care of the skin and keep the skin healthy with your growing age, the following aids are depended upon:

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Corn flakes can be chosen as a light and healthy option if there is no time to make breakfast in your busy schedule. Corn flakes are rich in many heathy properties, one of the major benefits of which can be seen as promoting weight loss. That’s why we will going to tell you the effectiveness of corn flakes to lose weight. However, through this article you will also know how corn flakes can help in weight loss.

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Eyesight is one of man’s most precious possessions and to lose it totally, or even partially, is indeed a tragedy. Before we consider the care of the eyes and preservation of eyesight, let us examine the Structure and Functions of the eye.

Structure and Functions of the Eyes.

The eye can be compared to the camera and its component parts. The refractive system of the eye via cornea and lens, correspond to the lens of the camera.

The iris and the pupil correspond to the diaphragm and its variable aperture, in the camera. The retina corresponds to the photographic film of the camera.

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