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Trust isn’t easy to build
  • It usually develops after you and another person have spent some time interacting and assessing each other’s character.
  • Three of the most readable indicators of trust: Competence, Benevolence and Integrity.
  • If all goes well and that trust builds, you start to feel psychologically safe and can form a stable belief about one another.
  • Remote work has made all of this even more difficult to do.
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Venting is not the same as complaining
  • Complaining is characterised by whining about the same issues while blaming external factors for your emotions. It tends to be chronic.
  • Venting is a momentary release of emotion and frustration. After blowing off some steam, you can continue with your day in a relatively normal manner.

As many of us shift towards a virtual world where all the training, consulting, meeting and managing is happening, we are becoming increasingly transparent and empathetic to the problems team members face and the solutions that are provided.

Domain-specific knowledge is sought-after but people are not negating trust in a person just because of their inability to get things done the first or second time.

How To Create A Good Community
  1. Create something worth building a community around. A good enough product may even form its own community independently.
  2. Identify the groups of people forming around your products and recruit them to build a community.
  3. Assign someone the task of building a community
  4. Make sure your product is somewhat customizable, extensible, and malleable. 
  5. Create an open system by giving the community a documentation and tools to tweak your product.
  6. Welcome criticism
  7. Foster the exchange of ideas and opinions. Providing forums for customers and company employees to interact yields valuable insight.
  8. Publicize the existence of the community. It should be an integral part of your sales and marketing efforts.
Intellectual Diversity

One of the things that make up a great organization is one that consists of a handful variety of capable intellectuals.

People who have differing perspectives in a group are more likely to generate unique and sometimes, unusual ideas due to their differences in the environment they grew up in - ranging from their education to life experiences.

The Advice Trap

It happens when one rushes to provide advice, which is most likely to be discarded or ignored, even if the person was asked for it.

Even with good intentions, providing advice isn’t necessarily a good idea. We normally do not welcome any advice provided to us, with a natural reflexive repulsion towards being told what is to be done by someone else.


Pitching involves mainly the fact of making somebody else contribute to a certain activity, by inviting them to do so.

Studies have shown that individuals tend to feel more involved and, therefore, do more, whenever their contribution is actively requested.

Zoom fatigue

2020 has thrust people into a regular virtual space.

This unofficial social experiment confirms that virtual interactions can take its toll on the brain, commonly known as Zoom fatigue. This exhaustion also applies to Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime, or any other video-calling interface.

There is ongoing turbulence in the workplace due to the uncertainties provided by the new virus, resulting in a whole lot of people working from home. Normally the work-from-home policies are established in advance, and employees are trained for the same, but current circumstances are not allowing for any transition time.

Pull the person you want to correct aside for a private, one-on-one conversation instead of highlighting their error in front of a larger group.
Also, to correct them before they get in trouble for their mistake. A little embarrassment right now will save them even greater mortification in the long run.


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