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Self-Improvement 101 Summary

About Self-Improvement 101 Book

John C. Maxwell uses his decades of experience to teach you how to reach your full potential through a commitment to personal growth.

Throughout this book, leadership expert John C. Maxwell provides the essential tips and tools to help any leader continue striving for excellence no matter what industry, business, or level of leadership.

In Self-Improvement 101, you’ll learn:

  • the secret of becoming a lifelong learner,
  • where to focus your time for maximum growth,
  • what sacrifices are worth making to keep getting better,
  • how to overcome obstacles to self-improvement,
  • the key to turning experience into wisdom,
  • and why leaders need to be learners, among many other essential lessons.

People never reach their potential by accident. Often, those who achieve the greatest success have the greatest desire to learn and grow.

Self-Improvement 101 guides you on an essential journey to uncovering your own desire, commitment, and unyielding determination to improve your life--and to improve yourself.

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Self-Improvement 101 by John C. Maxwell

4.7/5 (0759 reviews)

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Money is Not A Motivation 🎗

Money is Not A Motivation 🎗

Motivation includes personal growth , healthy sleeps personal growth ,healthy environment.

Other factors include teamwork, personal growth , salary, recognition , package.

Other factors if include in job will cause absence of dissatisfaction is job satisfaction in the absence of it. To get satisfaction get job which includes motivation factors too.when both are combined you get job you love🤩🥀🌼


Toxic People

Toxic People

The ones that we need to remove in our life are the toxic people. They are the ones who pulls you down and destroying your own-built self improvement. You need to get rid of them. Whether it's your close friends, relatives, or anyone. Don't let them stop you from being the best version of yourself.


Try to do best for ourself in life even can't do anything



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