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Deepstash transforms how content is created and consumed online. It makes it easy to find, share, organise, and create bite-sized ideas from articles, books, videos, and podcasts.

By distilling key concepts from high-quality sources of information — on topics such as motivation, productivity and self-improvement — Deepstash’s 1 million+ 'stashers' have created a community where they can discover actionable ideas.

Deepstash elevates the self-nurturing aspects of social exchange, in order to pioneer a new social media category focused on knowledge, discovery and self-improvement.


Facts & Figures

Launched: April 2019

Users: 1 million+ worldwide

Founders: Vladimir Oane (CEO), Dan Ciotu (CTO), Cristian Mezei (CMO)

Team count: 30+ across Europe, Asia, and Africa

Category: Education

Headquarters: Romania & USA

Number of stashed articles: 13,000+

Number of stashed ideas: 30 million+

Media Appearances

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9 June 2021

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5 June 2021

The best entrepreneurs are generalists, not experts

The Cambridge Student

20 May 2021

Interview with Vladimir Oane

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Founder Story

Vladimir Oane has always believed a curious mind and an organised stash of notes is the key to success.

When reading books, he underlined the best parts; when scanning articles, he bookmarked his favourites; when listening to podcasts, he took notes on random pieces of paper. But Vladimir’s ideas were scattered and messy. He needed a platform to consolidate them all, in an effective and collaborative way.

So, he set to work. With the help of two childhood friends (Dan and Cristian), they created Deepstash, the social network where users or ‘stashers’ can publish, organise or even share bite-sized ideas from the best sources. The community experience is alive and kicking, with over 1 million users reading and stashing around their interests.

Elevator Pitch

Deepstash is a social network for content curation.

Our mission is to provide users with a micro-reading platform that focuses on finding and sharing good ideas, fast.

The app makes it easy to read, organise, and even create your own stashes (collection of ideas) from content you are interested in.

We view books, articles, videos, and podcasts as treasure; dig in, discover, and curate.

We are passionate about our mission and have already inspired millions of ‘stashers’ to learn more and live better.

It’s time to focus on what matters.

Headshots & Bios

Vladimir Oane (CEO)

Vladimir Oane is the co-founder and CEO of Deepstash. He served as one of Hootsuite’s Product leads, after the acquisition of uberVU, the company he previously co-founded.

Dan Ciotu (CTO)

Dan Ciotu is the co-founder and CTO of Deepstash. He served as CTO and co-founder at uberVU, and was responsible for building scalable processes that enabled the business to maintain its rapid growth.

Cristian Mezei (CMO)

Cristian Mezei is the co-founder and CMO of Deepstash. He is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded several marketing agencies & product companies from the time he was in high-school.

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