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Feel your feelings

When facing a career setback, if you feel anger or despair, recognize those feelings as a deeper need for something else. It could be growth, change, or a new challenge or purpose. 

You may not be able to control whether those needs manifest in the form of a pay raise, promotion, or job title, but you can control other aspects of your journey. Recognizing this is the first step to recovery.

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Write Down Your Feelings

A good way to self-analyze ourselves is through writing, this is a simple way to stop thinking so much about what happens to us in our lives, and have all that in a “second brain”. Undoubtedly, if writing helps us in good times, it helps us most in bad times.

That is why, you should avoid friction as much as possible, and take a sheet and a pen, and write everything you feel.

The idea is not to hurry, it is to understand well how you feel, to feel it from an observer's perspective and not that of an “actor”.

How to Deal With Failure


Just how committed are you to your goal? How important is it for you, and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it? If you find yourself fully committed, motivation will follow.

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Need Help Staying Focused? Try These 10 Tips

if you are getting distracted by something in your work please try these 10 steps to be focused and be concentrated in your work.

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