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Ideas Matter

Deepstash is an app for building your personal knowledge library and showing what you know. It will help you discover ideas, learn from your peers and boost your career.




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Our core belief

Ideas are fundamental

Ideas are the building blocks of our world. New ideas change the way we see the world, making us more productive, boosting our careers and improving our wellbeing, health and relationships.
Not so long ago knowledge and ideas were available only to the rich and powerful. The Internet has given us access to so much information that would make any of the kings of old envious. The downside is that there is too much to absorb and not enough time. Our brains and our attention are stretched to the limit.

Deepstash is a platform for finding and organising the ideas that matter to you. By using Deepstash you will build your own knowledge library, there for you whenever you need it.

A closer look

How does it work?

Knowledge in Deepstash comes in the form of ideas. These ideas are represented as little cards you can read at a glance. Ideas have a source: a book, an article, a podcast, a video or your own mind. Ideas are curated by people like you.

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Opening the app you'll see the feed. The feed contains collections of ideas that match your interests or come from stashers you follow. Tapping on any idea in the feed will show you all the related ideas belonging to the same collection.

Book Seeds

Reading a bit every day adds up, fast. A daily goal helps to keep a healthy reading habit going.

Maintaining a reading streak is one of the easiest ways to build your knowledge, your stash of ideas and your profile.


Take full advantage of Deepstash by publishing ideas yourself. Stashers add ideas to Deepstash when they discover something they want to: 🧠 remember; 🕵️‍♀️ find with ease; 🤗 share with others.

Adding ideas is also the best way to show the world that you master an industry or topic.

Book Seed

When you find an idea you like - stash it. This will add it to your stash of ideas, your knowledge library. Your stash of ideas is always available directly from your profile.

And speaking of ...


Your profile shows the world what you know. Your interests and the impact the ideas you've published had on the community are front and center.

It's an easy and beautiful way to showcase your knowledge.

A Brave New Format

What are ideas?

Deepstash operates with ideas, short notes that condens profound thoughts into simple sentences. They could be: the best ideas from a book or article, inspiring quotes, practical tips on any topic. Each idea belongs to a topic, from #marketing to #leadership and #philosophy. Think of ideas like Lego bricks for your mind, small & fun pieces that you can pull out of your stash whenever you need them and stack them together to create amazing new things. Ideas are:

  • Atomic: one idea per concept.
  • Short: good ideas are as condensed as possible but not more.
  • Self-contained: good ideas should have value on their own.

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