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Ideas are fundamental

If we evolve our biology through genes, it's what we hold in our brains that helps shape our lives and improve the world around us. Ideas represent the building blocks of the modern world, informing our thinking and behavior every day. New ideas breathe fresh life into how we view the world & we depend on new ideas to improve our health, productivity or our relationships.

Ideas used to be reserved for the rich and powerful who had access to knowledge. Whether the king or the priest, it was those at the top that control information. With the advent of the Internet, the pendulum has swing the other side. We have so much access to information that it becomes overwhelming. There is too much to absorb and not enough time. Not to mention the socially enabled magical devices we carry in our pockets can keep our minds constantly distracted with divisive news & silly entertainment.

Deepstash is a platform for finding and organizing the ideas that matter to you. We are a passionate community obsessed with finding the Aha moments in all the content we are consuming. We are condensing all our insights into ideas that we share with all the other stashers who are sharing our passion. It's what we call stashing!


How does it work?

In Deepstash you find ideas on topics that interest you. These ideas are represented as little cards you can read at a glance. All ideas have a source: a book, an article, a podcast etc. And they are curated by a people like you.
Now with that in mind, here are the basics:

Hand Phone

Opening the app you'll see the feed: a list of ideas that match your interests or come from stashers you follow.

Tapping on any idea will show you all the related ideas curated by the same author from that article or book.

Book Seeds

Building the good habit of reading every day and constantly nurturing your mind is easy with Deepstash.

You can set a daily reading goal and maintain a reading streak.


Publish your own ideas once you are ready.

Don't let ideas you stumble upon go to waste.

Book Seed

When you find an idea you like, stash it. This will add it to a collection we call a stash. You can find your collections on your profile.

And speaking of...


Your Deepstash profile tells your story into the world of knowledge.

The ideas you stashed, your passions or preferences live on your profile.


What are ideas?

Deepstash operates with ideas, short notes that are condensing profound thoughts into simple sentences. They could be inspiring quotes, sharable stories, practical tips for any area of life. Think of ideas like Lego bricks for your mind, small & fun pieces that you can pull out whenever you need them and stack them together to create amazing new things. Ideas are:

  • Atomic: one concept per idea.
  • Short: good ideas are as condensed as possible but not more.
  • Self-contained: good ideas should have value on their own.

Hands Idea

There are not a lot of strict rules to how ideas are made. But we have noticed some tips and tricks that successful stashers use.


Join our community of curators

We read with a pen. We stash ideas by highlighting the ideas that jump to us. And then we borrow from one another. Because sharing is caring.

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2M+ Installs

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