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Ways Creative Pros Can Build Their Business During a Slump

When you have a free hour or afternoon every now and then, spend it strategically on activities that can grow your business, like:

  • Asking clients and colleagues for feedback
  • Comparing your finished work with the clients’ published versions
  • Getting your projects ready to go
  • Putting the 80/20 rule to the test (Which 20% of your clients or your work generates 80% of your income? What 20% of your time drives 80% of your productivity?)
  • Creating a list of things to buy (things you could buy to build your business once you have a little extra money)
  • Learning a new skill or improving a skill I have.


6 Ways Creative Pros Can Build Their Business During a Slump


Sometimes creativity meant inconsistency

Being a consistent student is nice and great. But, it also prevents you from becoming experimental and creative. This is because creativity and experimentation involve the risk of failure. It requires you to move away from your usual study routines or to-go-to project goals, and try new things. Experimentation and creativity demand inconsistency.


Jeanne Marie Quinanola on Oct 13

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