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We help lifelong learners capture & organize their insights from
  • articles
  • books
  • tweets

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Keep on learning, one insight at a time

Everyday we stumble across articles brimming with facts that we may need for a project in the future. Books with amazing advice for our careers. Or tweets that make us pause and reflect on our life and purpose.

All this information will eventually get lost, eroded by time. It’s quite a tragedy.

Not anymore as Deepstash helps you collect key insights from all these sources. You'll be smarter and more organised. A killer combo.

Organized Knowledge for Life

Did someone mention organization? We keep your inner library organised with stashes:

  • A stash for the project you have going on at work. Filled with facts and management structures to help your team make progress.
  • A stash for your personal development, with principles, mental models or habits to help you upgrade yourself.
  • A stash to collect wisdom from leading philosophers and wise Twitter users to contemplate on your purpose in the universe.

They can be anything ... Really!

Learn together

We all have that friend who reads all the time and knows all that stuff. Now you can follow him on Deepstash and follow her footsteps.

And as you are constantly leaning & improving yourself you can inspire your followers with your killer insights and your well organized stashes.