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This is Not Your Story Summary

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This is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma

4.6/5 (4392 reviews)

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“Life is forgiving. Every experience, failed or successful, is never wasted. All the time spent does work towards a final goal, some known and some newly-discovered on the journey. You have to have faith in yourself, confidence in who you are and want to be, and be brave enough to take the steps towards achieving your dream.”



“It would be a sin not to remember the things that make you happy.’ He”



“There are opportunities that come and go, like the trains on this very track. You can climb on any train and it will take you down a new path. But you need to decide which platform to stand on and which train is the one that is the most important for you.”



Necessity of action

You have to take action in life for your dreams and what consequences you face it after ward so be it .. Byt you don't have a regret to performing the action


Letting things are painful

  • Sometimes we have to let go some things and if we not do this then its hurts
  • Holding things such painful task to do then why you continuously doing it, just let go.
  • Every heartbreak has its time span and after that it get expired, this is the time that you have to over it and look forward in life
  • Life is beautiful just enjoy it.


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