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Top 7 TED Talks On Customer Success

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How to create customer-centric strategies

The importance of empathy in customer success

The impact of customer success on business growth

How to handle difficult customers

3 Top Key Ideas (42 total)

Chess techniques to look ahead

  • Take a group, a chess position, and see what possibilities can come from that group.
  • Pattern recognition, which is remembering a lot of positions that look similar and extrapolating truths from that.
  • The stepping-stone method is to take a position, freeze it in your mind, and guess the next position.
  • Retrograde analysis, which is, in order to look ahead, it pays to look backwards. 

The usefulness of retrograde analysis

Grandmasters study the endgame to steer the position in front of them. This way, they know ten moves ago that they will win because they know where they were going.

Take as an example the following sentence:  "After reading this sentence, you will realize that the the brain doesn't recognize a second 'the'." Most people will only catch 'the' the second time around. This is because the brain ignores anything that breaks with its logical stream. However, if you read the sentence backwards, you would easily catch it.

What creates trust

  • Authenticity. If you sense that someone is being authentic, you are more likely to trust them.
  • Logic. You are more likely to trust if you sense real rigour in logic.
  • Empathy. If you believe that empathy is directed towards you, you are more likely to trust them.

When just one of these three is broken, trust is threatened.

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