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Five Interesting Facts About Festival de Cannes

  1. The two-kilometer long red carpet is changed thrice a day.
  2. People fund the festival's budget, which is roughly 20 million Euros.
  3. Movies from six new languages were added in 2010 to broaden the international appeal.
  4. The first Cannes film festival was proposed in 1939, but was cancelled due to World War II.
  5. Critics Emile Vuillermoz, Rene Jeanne along with writer Philippe Erlanger cooked up the idea of the Cannes Festival.

The Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival

Also known as the Festival de Cannes, the annual film festival is a celebration of cinematic works of art, highlighting select movies from France and other countries since 1946.

The festival has made Cannes an international luxury destination attracting top celebs from all over the world and is extensively covered by the media.

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