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Expand your thinking

Expand your thinking

It's important to continue learning even if you don't use the new concepts or technologies directly in your work. Learning expands your thinking. Combining ideas from different fields opens you to new ways of doing things.

For example, understanding functional programming will change the way you approach OOP and programming in general.


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Alt account of @ocp. I use it to stash ideas about software engineering

📖 The Pragmatic Programmer

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Analyze other people’s ideas

Research how other people have approached the issues you are trying to solve.

Break down what makes their ideas work, gain inspiration from their theories, then slowly create your own ways of doing things or understanding different concepts.

Curiosity Is Career Fuel

Curiosity Is Career Fuel

Understanding how your efforts fit into the bigger picture will give your work more meaning and give you new ideas to apply, so you don’t burn out or stagnate. Learning about something you’re curious about, even if it’s not useful to your job, expands your thinking, and impacts e...

The 5 stages

The 5 stages

  1. Gathering in-depth knowledge directly related to the task, plus a general understanding of diverse topics.
  2. Trying to fit different ideas and concepts together to see if they produce cohesive pictures.
  3. Once done, putting them aside and doing something totally unconnected. If y...

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