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Silence is not the opposite of noise; it’s the opposite of not wanting to listen. Even in the wildest, most remote places, there is noise. If there is air and atmosphere, there is sound. Unless you are in outer space (where there is no air and hence no support for propagating soundwaves), silence — understood to be the total absence of sound — is more an idea, an aspiration. 


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White Noise for Sleeping

White Noise for Sleeping

Some people find the idea of total silence as a major distraction and this deprives them of sleep. Doctors often recommend white noise machines to treat sleep deprivation and often tinnitus.

Noise is not essentially what wakes us up but it is the sudden changes in background noise...

Seeing silence ...

Seeing silence ...

Spring 2020 marked the largest drop in global seismic noise in recorded history. It took a pandemic to shut us up for a while.

Listening to silence is not the absence of noise; it is the willingness to listen to ever-present non-human noise. By listening, we begin to see the world anew.


No Masking The Noise

The problem of tinnitus happens when our ears hair cells get damaged due to ototoxic drugs or loud noise, and the brain circuits do not receive the expected signal, stimulating abnormal activity in the neurons.

People notice their tinnitus problem in places with low external noise...

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