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Create Your Origin Story

Look for your own origin story – what is your superpower in relation to “your people” and importantly, what is the drama, or the ‘turning point’ that gave youour superpower.


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Telling our origin story

Telling our origin story

Stories of origin come in many forms - how we became part of an organization, or how we emerged as a new person after a crisis.

However, we seldom examine what we include and exclude in those accounts and how our choices shape our present reality.

You should voice your story.

To voice your thoughts or viewpoints through a story is to create your own thought-effigy, which holds you accountable for all your actions.

Articulating a story into well-put arguments helps you to clarify your thoughts sincerely, honestly and accurately.


  • Step 1: Reconnect to peak moments in the past.
  • Step 2: Write out the story in detail. 
  • Step 3: Repeat the process for ages five to twenty-five
  • Step 4: Write the values that emerged from those moments.
  • Step 5: Define your values.

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