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Three Important Questions

Take time to ask yourself these three questions. These are the kind of questions that help you understand the reasons behind life itself:

  1. What is my life for? - This is not a philosophical undertaking but rather, a long and thorough look within yourself. What do you think is the reason behind your existence?
  2. What do i want to happen to my life? -What do you want to get out of life? Imagine driving a car and not knowing where you really want to go.
  3. How can I aachieve it?- Now that you know what you truly desire, think how you can accomplish it.


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Going through life with these three important questions unanswered is like riding a boat without a rudder. You could go through the motions of everyday living without the excitement of knowing that there's more to life than just living.

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The Three Most Important Questions (3MIQs)

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Some more questions to ask yourself

You can also ask yourself these questions:

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