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The Remarkable Life

The Remarkable Life

Most of us don’t want to chill on a beach for the rest of our life, we want to work on something meaningful to us.

We need to create some idea of our own “ideal life.”

Here are some ways:

  • Write out what a perfect day looks like to you in excruciating detail. Then assess what needs to change to help you get there.
  • Create a life goal list, like a bucket list, to give yourself some direction around what you want to accomplish.


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The Art of Non-Conformity teaches you how to play life by your own rules by giving you practical glimpses into the world of self-employment, a new approach to travel, to-do list minimalism and conscious spending habits.

The idea is part of this collection:

How To Start Over: Reboot Your Life

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How to set new goals

How to take action towards a new life

How to create a plan for change

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Ultimate Goals: The Bucket List

Ultimate Goals: The Bucket List

Our bucket list is composed of the real goals we have, that are not made by society, peer pressure or our current life stage. It is the list of things you want to do, and to experience before you die.
This is the real essence of what matters in your life. 

Design Your Life: Connecting The Dots

We all want life to be meaningful and purposeful. When we connect the dots of life, trying to find out who we are, what we believe and what we do, our life story, however crooked, begins to take shape.

We can jot down our life views, our work life views, our relationships,...

The One Who Makes A Life

The One Who Makes A Life

Do not be ashamed of what our survival looks like. Do what we have to do.

We are clawing ourselves out of the ache, cutting the pain from the bone.

It is never going to be pretty, but it will always be you and us the one who survives in the battle of life —MxGchef Wp

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