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<p>While your two types of thi...

While your two types of thinking often split the labor between themselves well, they can clash when an automatic reaction (fast thinking) comes into conflict with an intention to control it (slow thinking). A universal example of this is trying not to stare at an oddly dressed couple in the same room as you. Sometimes, these clashes are caused by cognitive illusions. An example is experiencing a strong attraction towards someone with a history that forms a negative pattern. The good news is, these illusions can be overcome.


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The Characters Of The Story

The Characters Of The Story

There are two types of thinking, one is fast and the other is slow. Each type of thinking is its own system with individual abilities, limitations, and functions. The main difference between the two is that fast thinking requires little to no effort to operate, whereas a conscious effort is neces...


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Learn to identify if someone is interested.

1. Learn what dilated pupils mean.
When your pupils are dilated, it means that you have focused your attention on something and find it interesting; maybe you are looking at an attractive person or even trying to solve a difficult math problem.

2. Learn what constri...


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<p>This distinction becomes ve...

This distinction becomes very important when we realize that attention is not unlimited, and when you go beyond the budget you have, you will fail. This is why you can only do multiple things at once when they are relatively easy and undemanding tasks, such as speaking to a passenger while drivin...


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