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The Fastest thing In the Universe

The Fastest thing In the Universe

How fast are you moving right now? Maybe you’re watching this video while sitting at home, where it seems as though you’re not moving at all. Stand still or sit down, and it feels like you are stationary, yet regardless of what you do, you are constantly in motion. That is because the Earth itself is rotating at a speed of around 1,000 miles per hour. In addition to its rotation, the Earth is also moving around the Sun at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour. Regardless of how stationary we feel, we move tens of thousands of miles every day...


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The fastest thing in the Universe.

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The Earth spins at the speed of 1,036 miles per hour (1,667 kilometres per hour).

  • The tides can slow the Earth's rotation speed and add about 2.3 milliseconds to our day every century.
  • Weather systems can also change the Earth's rotation.

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Orbit and rotation

Mercury's highly eccentric, egg-shaped orbit takes the planet as close as 29 million miles (47 million kilometers) and as far as 43 million miles (70 million kilometers) from the Sun. It speeds around the Sun every 88 days, traveling through space at nearly 29 miles (47 kilometers) per second, fa...

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UY Scuti is a specific type of star known as a hypergiant which are usually short lived and extremely rare because of the fact that they lose a large portion...

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