1. Don’t try & Save Too much Money: - Deepstash
1. Don’t try & Save Too much Money:

1. Don’t try & Save Too much Money:

If you Run Behind in Saving Lots of Money & think that Saving a Lot of Money Means Building Wealth, then you are going to Loss the actual Joy of money & Regret it. But if you make yourself Money Literate & Learn how money Work & How to Invest Properly. Saving is not Bad but Sacrificing the youth's joy for saving it is not Good.


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As you know Investment is one of the most Important Part of Life. but these things are don't Taught in School, you have to make your own self Money Literate. So here is the So here is Tip of the Ice Berge. More about in Article.

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How to Start Investing Today

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How to manage risk

How to analyze investment opportunities

The importance of long-term planning

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Building wealth has little to do with your income or investment returns and more to do with your savings rate. The value of wealth is relative to what you need. A high savings rate means having lower expenses than you otherwise could, and having lower expenses means your savings ...

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There is a natural tendency to spend the money we earn, instead of saving or investing. If we watch how rich people utilize wealth, we can learn a lot from them and change our financial mindset.

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