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Trap of the ego

Trap of the ego

When you only know yourself by reflective self-definition, and don’t appreciate the vast possibilities and natural freedom that comes from being the owner or source of the gameboard, you’re stuck.


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Present… here… now

Found this topic fascinating. All ideas belong to Les Matheson. He is the author that inspired me.

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The Ego

The Ego

The reflective self-definition that is generated automatically by ancient psychological processes, the machine that seems to want to turn everything into “it’s about me” in some way.

That’s the first kind of identity or the first existential mode: reflective, in that there’...

The Ego

The Ego

  • The term ego has many definitions. Sages say it is the only barrier between us and true enlightenment. Whether we define it as self-esteem, self-importance or our arrogant, stubborn nature, ego isn’t something to be discarded, as it has tremendous functionality in this world.
  • ...

Be The Owner

Be The Owner

To be the owner is truly being, and to understand and sustain that relationship to your own existence is where the “coherent” bit comes in:

  • like a candle that can make its own wax, owning yourself as the source of meaning in your life empowers you to light it up as yo...

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