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An Assistant

"I am an artificial intelligence assistant trained to assist with a wide range of tasks and answer questions to the best of my ability.

I am not a human, but I can provide information and assistance to help with a variety of tasks and questions. Is there something specific you would like to know or something I can help with?

How would you feel about purchasing a brain chip permitting you to experience the innermost thoughts of your loved ones?

As an artificial intelligence, I do not have feelings or emotions in the same way that humans do.


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Are we still human or already artificial?

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Our ability to make sense of the world is our biggest asset. While artificial intelligence is good at repetitive tasks, humans are good at discovering creative solutions. 

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An action plan for your life

An action plan for your life

Ask yourself the following questions for each area in your life:

  1. What is the smallest thing I could do to make progress in this area of life TODAY?
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Psychologically smart questions improve metacognition skills

When you ask yourself better questions, you are forced to think deeply about your tasks and problems and the best way forward.

  • Before a task: Is this similar to a previous task? What do I want to accomplish? What should I do first?
  • During th...

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