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Make Friends

Make Friends

Without true friends, most of us wouldn’t enjoy our lives. To be happy, it’s vitally important to be connected to other human beings whom you care about and who, in turn, care about you.


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“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” — Charlie Munger

These ideas are so simple and easy to implement in our life.

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We Need Friends

Human beings are social creatures that need other people with them. 

The warmth, the care, the gentle scrutiny, the old tales of yore, all are needed to make us feel buoyant and invincible, our worries dissolving in the laughter among people who care for us.

The Hypocrisy Of Men

The Hypocrisy Of Men

“You wouldn’t treat your mother/daughter/sister like that, would you?” is a common question most men have heard, but if we only take care of the women connected to us by blood, there will always be other men who will treat them poorly.

We shouldn’t need to warn our daughters, ...

You don't need to have many thriving relationships

Relationships are core to our life journey. But you don't need lots of amazing friends and a big community of like-minded people to be happy.

You can have a small handful of people who are meaningful to you and with whom you feel connected.

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