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Leonardo's impact continues to be felt centuries after his death, demonstrating the power of leaving a lasting legacy through your work. Consider how you can make a positive impact on the world through your own passions and pursuits.


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Freelance Digital artist,Graphic designer and digital marketing expert

Thinking like Da Vinci encourages creativity, curiosity, & a thirst for knowledge. It leads to a unique perspective, problem-solving, & appreciation for nature. This mindset can inspire personal & professional growth.

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8 Lessons To Learn From The Genius Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a true genius whose legacy continues to inspire and educate people around the world. By learning from his life, we can unlock our own potential and achieve greatness in our own fields. These eight lessons serve as a roadmap for anyone seeking to cu...

Don't Obsess About Leaving A Legacy

Don't Obsess About Leaving A Legacy

Leaving a dent in the universe. Why?

Why we all strive to leave a legacy. Most of us are ruining our lives trying to chase this dream. We need to share our universe with our loved ones. Help others. Make commune. Gather like minded people around you. Let alone the legacy take care of itself...

Reflect on your path, success, and mission

Ask yourself how you got to do this job. Was it intentional, or did you fall into it somehow? Did you really choose this path for yourself?

Try to understand what success means to you. Long-lasting success typically consists of four categories:

  • Happiness...

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