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Signs - the amphibian apocalypse

Signs - the amphibian apocalypse

Amphibian deaths of untold magnitude are occurring. This is alarming because the background extinction rate of amphibians is one species every thousand years that is one species usually goes extinct every thousand years, but it is thousands of species in a decade of late. This has been found due to the transport of the fungus Bd by human beings. Like the plagues and acts of god of yore, frogs have been instrumental in predicting the end times.


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The world is dying and we are responsible. We need to know what is happening and why.

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The sixth extinction

Coming to the modern day, it has been concluded that similar evidence is mounting on the extinction of a lots of species in the recent years. The time zone we are living is dubbed as Anthropocene (The age of man). And thus the sixth extinction is well underway.

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