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The Secret to Money

The Secret to Money

  • Instead of focusing on your current lack of money, visualize and believe that you have too much money. You will see an immediate, positive change in your relationship with money and money will start to come into your life.
  • The universe reflects what you radiate, so if you radiate joy and happiness, the universe will return it to you whatever you want in abundance, including money.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions are a barrier and block money from coming to you. To access more money, shift your thoughts away from lack toward abundance.


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The Man with a 'WHY' can conquer any 'HOW'

The Secret

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How to incorporate positivity into your life?

How to incorporate positivity into your life?

  1. Visualize: You can mentally picture the future you seek or bring it into the physical realm by drawing it out.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal: Focus on the things you're grateful...

Learn To Love The Money You Have Now

It’s about letting go of a mindset of scarcity where you think there is not enough money and welcoming your life with more fun, happiness, safety and prosperity.

But sometimes when you’re afraid of not having enough money to pay your rent, buy food, pay for tuition… any time you’re despera...

Source of anxiety

Constant uncertainty. There is no promise that investments will go up in the future. 

What you can do:

  • You can measure something. The act of measurement takes an unknown quantity and makes it known.  You can't know for certain how much money you will ...

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