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Strategies to find your own way

  • Identify your core beliefs and use them as your bedrock
  • Come up with your own answers before learning how things should be done
  • Embrace weirdness
  • “Dare to suck” – Once a week. Are you judging something’s worth based on conventional values?
  • Bring your knowledge from one domain into another – Apply techniques that don’t belong
  • Spark creativity with friction – Embrace clashing elements to create contrast and tension
  • Adapt your projects to your weaknesses – You may find that your weaknesses are in fact strengths
  • Don’t aim for perfection – Be honest about your flaws


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Stop trying to fit in

Being an excellent student doesn’t make you a creative genius. People who do exceptional work often struggled in school. The educational system rewards you for mastering conventional thinking, but brilliant ideas are always unconventional. It’s normal to want to feel accepted, but if you want to ...


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Attempt the impossible

If something seems impossible, you’re probably still thinking about it in a conventional way. In some situations, conventional thinking is a trap.

“People who achieve the extraordinary set goals beyond their limitations – goals their colleagues and friends thought were impossible and ri...


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Adopt an apprentice mind-set. Put aside your preconceived ideas and listen to the people who work with you and for you. Good leaders don’t aim for unquestioning obedience. They ask questions and gather information to make the best decisions.

“Wherever you are, the person above, near or ...


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Make Brilliant Work

Make Brilliant Work

  • Stop trying to fit in.
  • Turn negative experiences into inspiration.
  • Don’t wait for approval – assert yourself.
  • Attempt the impossible.
  • F...


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When you take a difficult path, you will experience criticism from people who are unhappy with their own decisions to play it safe. Embrace difficulty. It’s a sign you’re not settling for mediocrity.

“Whatever obstacles are blocking your path, finding a way around them could lead you to...


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Turn negative experiences into inspiration

It’s easy to give in to feelings of defeat. In fact, research of psychiatrist Leon Sloman and psychologist Paul Gilbert suggest that humans evolved to give up.

Use your negative experiences as creative inspiration. If something bad happens to you, look at it as a compelling story or a chan...


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Don’t wait for approval – assert yourself

Don’t let your work go unnoticed. You can’t passively rely on other people recognizing a brilliant idea. Put as much work and creativity into advertising yourself as you put into your project. 

Don’t let a no be an excuse to stop. Anticipate reasons people are likely to say no and be prepar...


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Unconventional Solutions

  • Examine your assumptions and prejudices.
  • Embrace unreasonable goals – Don’t fear looking foolish
  • Identify goals that you are avoiding because they represent an unknown
  • Use a compass not a map. Define your vision, then set out on the path to where you want to go.
  • ...


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Find your obsession

“Once you start a project, aim to produce it instantly – don’t stop till it’s finished.”

Obsession does not mean recklessness. Resist the pressure to move quickly. Take time to reflect and analyze your next move.Decide on the theme of your work early to guide your decisions. The st...


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“Good taste is death; vulgarity is life.” (designer Mary Quant)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that humans will focus on basic needs like food and shelter first, but will then feel driven to satisfy higher needs. The highest need is not approval but “self-actualization.” Act ba...


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Forge connections

Get support. 

Help people and let them help you. Gather a group of individuals who can succeed together. Renowned cinéma vérité director John Cassavetes said a film director is like a host, and his or her cast and crew are guests. Look after your team as if they were your guests. Tend to th...


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