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Reduced attention span:

Reduced attention span:

Laziness can contribute to a decreased ability to focus and sustain attention.

The brain requires regular challenges to strengthen its ability to concentrate and avoid distractions.


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Being intentional with our focus

Being intentional with our focus

While today's technologies have many advantages, we have to learn to be more intentional about focusing – for instance, carving out space in our day when we can concentrate without such distractions.

We also need to strengthen our focus. It works like a muscle: there are workouts ...

Focus Your Undivided Attention

Focus Your Undivided Attention

The ability to concentrate and focus to develop deep thinking is a key feature of genius.

Concentration can come naturally or you might need to devise rituals that enable you to concentrate. Deep thinking is fundamental to develop your ideas and you need to seek ways to focus your attentio...

Attention = Focusing + Ignoring

Attention = Focusing + Ignoring

Paying attention involves two separate distinct brain functions: 

  1. “enhancement” - our ability to focus on things that matter) 
  2. “suppression” - our ability to ignore the things that don’t. 

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