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Practice Retrieval

Practice Retrieval

Retrieval practice is the process of recalling information from memory. This is a great way to improve your memory for the information. It is also like playing memory games with yourself. Instead of just reading or listening to something once, you try to remember it on your own. It's like recalling your favorite superhero's name without looking it up. This helps your brain remember things better and makes you a super memory hero!


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“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” — Charlie Munger

Information overload put us in a loop of analysis paralysis by using these techniques we can improve ourselves.

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The Retrieval Practice

The Retrieval Practice

  • Utilize practice tests: Take practice tests, quizes and other material which basically forces you to recall your answer instead of passively reading it.
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Retrieval is when you try to recall what you've learned. There are many ways to do this, some better than others.

Why it works: It strengthens your memory and interrupts forgetting. The act of retrieving information helps facilitate long-term recall.

How to ap...

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There are games designed to train and improve brain functionality, logical deduction, pattern recognition, memory, matching, and outside the box thinking.

The interactivity of games is one way to exercise your mind while having fun. That’s important because, like muscles, the brain will ...

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