18. **The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle**: This final chapter encourages readers... - Deepstash
<p>18. **The Choice-Minimal Li...

18. **The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle**: This final chapter encourages readers to design their ideal life and take action to make it a reality.

3. **The Rules That Change the Rules**: This chapter covers the importance of breaking free from conventional rules and assumptions. Ferriss explores how to challenge and redefine the path to success.


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Punch Above Your Weight

Breaking free from conventional limitations is a growth hack favored by the wealthy. Rich people understand that success is not determined by external resources or credentials. By believing in their own potential and pushing beyond perceived limits, they achieve remarkable results. This section e...

4 Step Process to Reinvent Yourself

Remember DEAL

  1. D is for Definition: Define what are your worst fears and what you want to do in life.
  2. E is for Elimination. Kills the obsolete notion of time management once and for all. 
  3. A is for Automation.

The Public Choice Theory

The Public Choice Theory

  • James M. Buchanan's work within Public Choice earned him the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 1986.
  • This theory shows that contrary to the conventional wisdom that public-sector actors act in the public's best interests, politicians and bureaucrats tend to act in self-int...

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