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5- Imagination

5- Imagination

The creative power of the mind to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.


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Being an ambivert person, I am too much fond of reading, and always eager to learn.

Overall, these principles foster a growth-oriented mindset, encouraging individuals to take initiative, set ambitious goals, and persevere through challenges. They promote personal development, financial prosperity, and the realization of one's full potential.

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The best ideas come to those who wait

The best ideas come to those who wait

Many of us think that our creativity comes from our first ideas. We assume that finding creative solutions slow down over time.

This assumption is wrong, research suggests. The best ideas come to those who wait. Patience and perseverance will lead to more innovativ...

Uncovering your creative genius

Uncovering your creative genius

Innovative solutions, lateral thinking, and creative ideas - some of the most useful skills anyone can posses that come handy in every walk of life.

It's about the ingenuity of connecting ideas in a way that's unusual yet perfectly coherent at the same time...

Lesson 5

Lesson 5

You need to be a creative thinker to succeed in the new world.

The new world is full of opportunities, but you need to be creative to find them. You need to be able to think outside the box and come up with new solutions to old problems.

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