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<p>"Effort only fully releases...

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit."


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Being an ambivert person, I am too much fond of reading, and always eager to learn.

These quotes inspire individuals to develop a positive mindset, believe in their potential, embrace challenges, and persist in the pursuit of their goals. They serve as reminders that success is within reach for those who approach life with determination, faith, and unwavering effort.

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Quitting Bad Habits

If you want to quit a bad habit, start by identifying its 3 main parts: the cue, the routine, and the reward. After you check the cue and your routine that follows it, you can swap the routine with something good (or less bad) to do.

For example: If you feel the cue of smoking, replace...

Modulating Dopamine Levels (2)

  • Cold water exposure can boost dopamine up to 2.5x above baseline – but is sustained for up to three hours post-exposure
  • Dopamine controls the perception of time: when we engage in activity for the sole purpose of reward, time will feel longer because we are not relea...

The Inverted Curve

The Inverted Curve

Here, effort and reward have a negative correlation—that is, the more effort you put into doing something, the more you will fail to do it. 

Effort and reward have a linear relationship when the action is mindless and simple. Effort and reward have a diminishing returns relationship when th...

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