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This is the ability of a computer to solve problems or make logical deductions based on facts and rules. For example, an AI program can find the best move in a chess game or prove a mathematical theorem.


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Emotional reasoning

Emotional reasoning

This one is a close relative to jumping to conclusions in that it involves ignoring certain facts when drawing conclusions. 

Emotional reasoners will consider their emotions about a situation as evidence rather than objectively looking at the facts.

“I’m feeling ...

Kinds Of IQ Tests

Intelligence may be of different kinds, like:

  1. Spatial: The ability to visualize change in shapes.
  2. Mathematical: The ability to solve problems that require logical processing.
  3. Language: Ability to recognize words and...

A life without rules

Imagine living in a world without rules. 

  • Language follows rules. Breaking away from the rules of language makes us incoherent.
  • Consider the rules of sport or games, the rules of chess or football. Without the rules, chess wouldn't be chess. A game without rules is no game a...

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