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1. Remember Why You Started

1. Remember Why You Started

My begining in the military came from me being bored. So I had a rough start. But once I found my reason to continue I couldn't be stopped. There will be trials and things that try to stop you, which is why you need a solid foundation to fall back on.

Over time these "why's" will change, and that's okay. If they are telling you it's time for a change, consider it. My why resulted in a lot of hardship, but it also got me through it because I knew it was worth fighting for.

What is the reason you are doing what you do? Is that part of who you are? Are you willing to fight for it?


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The excuse "that is how we have always done it" usually means that either they knew they were wrong and didn't care, or that they were too lazy to find a better way.

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