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MANIFEST CONTENT:what we see in our dreams

A door, other people, a house and every other things we can see in our dreams is part of the manifest content, that we can easily understand because we know it.

LATENT CONTENT:the meaning behind what we dream

Every object we dream has a meaning, every person is a part of our personality with which we come in conflict, every situation and everything that we dream has to be interpreted because it has a hidden meaning.

Latent content can be analysed with a professionist who knows us and it's trained for this task.


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I love reading and I am studying as much as I can. I'm developing a deep interest in psychology and in the functioning of our brain. I'm embarking on a psychological journey to get to know myself

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We dream to fulfill our wishes

We dream to fulfill our wishes

Each dream, including nightmares contains images from our day-to-day life. Sigmund Freud states that each thing we dream has a symbolic meaning which lead to the fulfilment of our subconscious wishes.

Keeping that in mind, if we interpret our dreams, we can solve some subconscious problems...

Repression And Dreams

Repressed feelings can also pop up in our dreams, and the specific events that happen in the dream world. Analysing dreams, a speciality of Sigmund Freud, results in a lot of hidden impulses being revealed.

One can also find repressed content in fears, slips of the tongue and feelings tow...

Living Meaning

Living Meaning is the objective view of reality, and is based on our relationship and interpretation towards the object, person or information. It is focused on the thoughts, feelings and actions that are evoked once we see an object or face a situation.

Example: The c...

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