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Reading Technique vs Reading Strategy

Reading Technique vs Reading Strategy

  • Reading strategy have more importance than reading techniques for difficult texts - The actual time consuming process is the processing of difficult text and not the reading speed
  • Speed reading and other reading techniques require more concentration hence making it less sustainable for longer texts


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Really like to research and read about topics I absolutely don't need to

I often wish to be able to read lots of non-fiction books, research papers and other texts but It is very time consuming. This is an effort to reduce the time required and increase productivity while studying

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Research points to speed reading being a form of skimming, which is appropriate for short text but not for longer ones.

For long texts, reading more to increase vocabulary or read things you already know a lot about are the only scientifica...

Measurements Of Speed Reading And Comprehension

Although there is an academic consensus that speed-reading decreases comprehension,

On the other hand, the same can’t be said for comprehension measurement techniques, as we can process text differently according to context.

How it works?

How it works?

The words themselves interfere with your ability to quickly say the correct color of the word. Two different theories have been proposed to explain this phenomenon :

  • Selective attention theory : According to this theory, naming the actual color of the words requires mu...

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