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  • Using your peripherical vision to read more words at once. Relax your pupils while reading to widen your vision. 
  • Grouping words automatically shuts off sub - vocalizing
  • Your eyes moves slower while grouping words but we take more information in less time
  • energy and time efficient technique


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Really like to research and read about topics I absolutely don't need to

I often wish to be able to read lots of non-fiction books, research papers and other texts but It is very time consuming. This is an effort to reduce the time required and increase productivity while studying

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Speed Reading

Speed Reading

The barriers to increasing reading speed

  • Regression: Going to the previous word to read it again. To stop it use a visual pacer. Underline the words that you read with your finger (in pc use your cursor.)
  • Subvocalization: The voice in your mind...

Strategies speed readers use

Strategies speed readers use

  • Skimming: quickly going through passages to find the main points.
  • Meta guiding uses a pointer, such as your index finger or a pen, to guide your eyes along the lines of text.
  • The vision span method uses the span of human eyesight to read words in batches....

Speed reading and information retention

Speed reading can help you skim to content, which is useful at times. However, speed reading cannot help you read faster and retain more information.

  • Our eyes are designed only to see a tiny portion of our visual field with the precision needed to recognise a letter ...

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