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7. Kakeibo(Master Your Finances)

7. Kakeibo(Master Your Finances)

Financial stress can drain your motivation and hinder your progress towards success. Take control of your finances with the Kakeibo method. Create a budget and commit to sticking to it. By organizing your finances, you'll alleviate stress and create a solid foundation for success.


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Wrap Up

In conclusion, financial literacy is an essential skill that can help you achieve financial stability and independence. By educating yourself, creating a budget, paying off debt, and saving and investing wisely, you can take control of your finances and achieve financial growth. These books provi...

Approaching Akrasia With Mindfulness

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Debt when you're on a tight budget

There are a couple of paths you can take to pay off your high-interest debt when you're on a tight budget.

  • The snowball method. For those who need to see progress, pay off the lowest balance first. You'll feel inspired to keep going.
  • The avalanche me...

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