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Using Dopamine to Your Advantage:

Using Dopamine to Your Advantage:

Understanding the role of dopamine in goal setting is like having a secret weapon in your personal development journey. You can use this knowledge to set more motivating and achievable goals. Here's how:


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Discover how your brain is your secret ally in achieving your goals. In this article, we'll unveil the inner workings of how your brain supports your journey of personal development. It's like your built-in GPS for success!

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Leadership is knowing how to get the most out of a team, identifying the right set of goals to complete and setting direction. In business this is also known as “vision” as it’s more about knowing what is important then how to achieve it.

Good leadership assembles a competent team wh...

Reasons To Postpone Goal-Setting

  • Uncertain goals should be set in the middle. This will enable you to set the correct challenge level to maximize effort.
  • Some research shows that for very complex tasks, goal-setting can hinder effectiveness. This is because complex tasks are cognitively demanding in the beginning an...

Personal development plan examples

One of the most reasonable and apt decisions you can make in your life is to endeavour continuous personal development.

Some of the common things that we all want in our lives include:

• Enhancing the quality of our lives

• Achieving success in an academic or professional career...

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